Merethe Wessel-Berg Photography – QUESTIONS

Merethe Wessel-Berg Photography – QUESTIONS

Her personal photographic work is an exploration of impermanence and ambivalence.
She is interested in exploring what is “in-between” – what is changing, in transition, moving, temporary, elusive, in process – concrete, and as states of mind. Time.

It is coming from a place of curiosity; her pictures are more questions than answers.

Her shooting process and narratives are characterized by an associative and intuitive approach, where the association flow is linear, or floating together and overlapping.


(Photography, Arts)

-SHOTS Magazine (ISS 136 and 137)
-Black and White Magazine, U.S (ISS 107, 121, 125, 127 and 131).
-Black + White Photography Magazine, UK (ISS 228).
-Art Ascent Art & Literature Journal (6 pp.).
-Light - A Journal of Photography and Poetry (New York, ISS 05 and 08).
-Interview/ pictures Fotografi Magazine (8 pp., Norway).


(Photography, Arts)

-Pictures and presentation Dodho Magazine (E-magazine). 21 pp.
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-Don't Take Pictures Magazine
-Feature Shoot Magazine
-The Independent Photographer
-Adore Noir Black and White Fine Art Photography Magazine (FB).
-Life Framer Collection
-Lens Culture Portfolio
-The Edge of Humanity Magazine, E-Magazine.
-Lenscratch ("Summer" and "Snow" Exhibition)


(Solo, Group, Print, Projections)

-Sala Xenia, Hotel Filoxenia, 6th Edition of the International Festival of Urban Photography, Trieste Photo Days, Italy.

-Teatro Adelaide Ristori Cividale, Cividale del Fruili, 6th Edition of the International Festival of Urban Photography, Trieste Photo Days, Italy.

-Italian Street Photo Festival 2nd Edition, Officine Fotografiche, Rome, Italy.

-ROOT Studios NYC Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

-The 5th Biennal of Fine Art and Documentary Photography.
The Space Nau Bastik, Barcelona, Spain.

-CLB Berlin Gallery - Collaboratorium im Aufbau Haus Am Moritzplatz.
Space for Contemporary Art, Cultural Studies and Urbanism. Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany.

-ICA Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

-StreetFoto San Francisco Festival,
Harvey Milk Photo Center, U.S.

-Crypt at St. George the Martyr Church,
London Photo Festival, UK.

-The Month of Photography Los Angeles (MOPLA), ROW DTLA, Arts District, LA, U.S.
"Reflections Of A Dream" Exhibition.

-The Darkroom Gallery, Essex, U.S. Juror Bruce Gilden (Magnum).

-Trieste Airport: "Flowing City" collective project (Exhibit Around/ dotART Art Association, Italy).

-CDOC Chengdu Photography Center,
Chengdu, China.

-Splashlight Studios, New York, U.S.

-Event Centre of SM City Pampanga, Philippines.

-The Novorossiysk Historical Museum,
International Festival of Photography PhotoVisa, Russia.

-Berlin Foto Biennale, and The 4th Biennal of
Fine Art & Documentary Photography, Germany.

-Studio 314 Art Gallery, Xamza, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

-House of Lucie, Bangkok, Thailand.

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-4th Edition of the International Festival of Urban Photography, Trieste Photo Days, Italy.
SOLO, "Paris/ Hide".

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-Photo Center Gogolevsky, Moscow, Russia.

-Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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-Galeria Valid Foto BCN, Barcelona, Spain.

-Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece.

-A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, U.S.

-PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, U.S.

-Carter House Gallery, California, U.S.

Restaurants/ cafees, bars: 400 Bar and Kisüzem (both Budapest, Hungary), Restoran Polet and Meduza (both Belgrade, Serbia), Pierwszy Lokal (Krakow, Poland), Joia Restaurant, Eppinger Caffè and La Preferita (all Trieste, Italy).


(Solo, Group)

-House of Photography/ Fotografiens Hus, Oslo, Norway. SOLO, "Movement".

-Galleri R5,
The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Culture, Oslo, Norway. SOLO.

-Galleri Rød. Halden’s Historical Collections/ Haldens Historiske Samlinger, Halden Museum.
Rød Herregård, Norway. SOLO.

-The Norwegian Railway Museum/ Norsk Jernbanemuseum, Hamar, Norway.

-Haldens Historiske Samlinger, co-operation with Det Norske Blåseemsemble, Halden, Norway. SOLO.

-Day of Photography, Karl Johansvern,
Norway’s National Museum of Photography/ Preus Fotomuseum, Horten, Norway.

-Kokopelli House, Haugesund, Norway. SOLO.



-StreetFoto San Francisco Festival,
The International Street Photography Awards (Finalist).

-The Italian Street Photo Festival, 2nd Edition:
Finalist, jurors: Ben Avraham (The Street Collective), Jonathan Higbee (NYC Street), Stefano Mirabella (Spontanea).

-Nikonians Photography Awards (Finalist).

-Lens Culture Street Photography Awards (Top 100).

-URBAN Photo Awards, 8th Edition (3xFinalist). 10th Edition: 3xSelected, 1xWinners: Remarkable Reward. Jurors: Martin Parr (Magnum), Jerome Sessini (Magnum), Nick Turpin (iN-Public), Ania Klosek (Burn My Eye), Monika Bulaj and 28 more.

-ASPA - Alghero Street Photography Awards (Hon. Men.)

-Project-/ Exhibition Grant (2 times),
The Norwegian Professional Photographer’s Fund/ Norske Fagfotografers Fond.

-Life Framer Photography Prize
Winner, juror David Alan Harvey (Magnum).

-The Independent Photographer
2nd Prize, juror Christopher Anderson (Magnum) + Editor's Pick.

-Px3 - Prix de la Photographie Paris
(2xSilver Prize + 2xHonorable Mention).

-Julia Margaret Cameron Award.
9th Edition, juror Andrèa Holzherr, Director of Global Exhibitions of Magnum Photos.
10th Edition, juror Amber Terranova.
2x1st Prize/ Category Winner + 2xFinalist.

-IPA International Photography Awards (Best of Show + 1st Prize + 6xHonorable Mention).

-TIFA - Tokyo International Foto Awards (Hon. Mention)

-MIFA - Moscow International Foto Awards (3rd Prize).

-The Pollux Awards, 9th and 10th Edition
(3xFinalist + 1xHonorable Mention).

-Charles Dodgson Black & White Award, 2nd Edition (3xFinalist + 2xHonorable Mention).

-Art Ascent Art and Literature Journal (Silver Prize).

-Gullsnitt, the Norwegian Annual Awards of Advertising Photography, Norway
(Gold Prize + Silver Prize + 3xDiploma).

-Black + White Photography Magazine (UK) Contest (1st prize).

-Black and White Magazine (U.S) Contests (Selectedx5).

-The Print Swap Collection Exhibition, Feature Shoot Magazine (Selected). Juror Paul Kopeikin.

-NVAL International Juried Photography Show (Overall Winner/ Gold).

-Project-/ Travel Grant, Jan Baashuus Jessens Scolarship (Norway).



-"URBAN unveils the City and its secrets - Vol. 05 Photobook", published by dotART.
Selected international authors of urban photography. Published by dotART Art Association, Italy.

-"Short Street Stories" - A tribute to Martin Parr's and Nick Turpin‘s street photography. 172 selected international authors.
Published by Exhibit Around/ dotART Art Association, Italy.

-"Flowing City".
69 selected international authors and Italian writer/ journalist Roberto Srelz.
Published by Exhibit Around/ dotART Art Association, Italy.

-"URBAN unveils the City and its secrets - Vol. 03 Photobook”.
144 selected international authors of urban photography. Published by dotART Art Association, Italy.

-"The Independent Photographer Talents of the Year Photobook" (Berlin-based).
Selected photographers.



Merethe is autodidact in photography. She has a BA of Pedagogical subjects from Oslo Metropolitan University, and a continuing education of Pedagogical Development Work from HSN (University College of Southeast Norway).


Her Solo Exhibition "Milonga", scheduled for May 2017 in House of Photography/ Fotografiens Hus (Oslo), is postponed, due to health reasons, but will be exhibited at a later point. The exhibition is supported by the Exhibition Grant from The Norwegian Professional Photographer's Fund/ Norske Fagfotografers Fond.