The streets carry our stories.
People drifting, with no destination.
People going to and from – habitual actions, cornerstones of an everyday life.
Leaving, returning. Exploring and escaping. Adventures, improvisation, routines. Constantly in motion. Expectations, dreams, hopes. Longing, grief, piece, joy. Bringing together, separating. Closeness, distance.

To me, exploring the streets, photographing, is exploring the stories – the fragments of emotions and lives. I cherish the dynamics of the “small” in-between moments, gradually painting a life. The impermanent stories, the incomplete and imperfect ones. Vibrating, continuously asking me questions, keeping me curious.

“Drift, In-between” is a project containing 18 black and white pictures, 6 vertical triptychs and/ or one large collage showing all.

The photographs are captured in and nearby Oslo, Norway.

© Merethe Wessel-Berg